The Colt series 80 series semi automatic handguns among some of the safest guns that many law enforcement officers use on the job but practicing gun safety is still a must for those who have access to them. When it comes to owning a colt series 80 handgun many choose the colt 1911 because of its reliability and ease of use. This gun has been modify many times over the course of its existence in order to ensure that the gun is as safe for the user as possible but there are many other aspects to gun safety than simply manufacturing a safer weapon. When it comes to gun safety there are many organizations that propose sets of similar rules to follow in order to be as safe as possible with your firearm. Colonel Jeff Cooper is one of the first men to formally address rules for safe practice with firearms which include: treating a gun as if it is always loaded. This is necessary for safety because in actuality people do make mistakes in analyzing whether a gun can be harmful or not. Practicing this can ensure that you are always alert of the potential dangers that a fire shot can cause.

In addition to this Colonel Jeff Cooper suggests that a person who owns a firearm never allow the muzzle of his gun to point towards anything they are not willing to shoot. This is a good practice because you can never be sure that something will not trigger a shot from your firearm. You could have a muscle spasm and this could cause you to shoot unexpectedly. In addition to this it is important to keep your finger from the trigger until you are covering your target. The final rule that Cooper laid out is to be sure of your target. These are all good practices for gun safety that you should be aware of when purchasing a colt 1911 handgun or any other firearm for that matter.