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Pharmacist Fires Back, gets fired as a result

Early this year two masked, armed men went into a Benton Township Walgreens in Michigan, at 4:30 am, intent on robbing the pharmacy. One of the men went to shoot pharmacist Jeremy Hoven while Hoven attempted to dial 911. Luckily, the criminal’s gun jammed, giving Hoven enough time to pull out his own weapon and open fire on the thieves. As a result the crooks fled the store, Hoven saved his own life and that of a hostage, and the even the less important material things like medication and money were preserved. And the reward to Hoven’s heroic display. He was fired for carrying a gun, a practice that company policy discourages.

Despite the fact that the surveillance video shows that Hoven acted in self-defense, and that 49 states including Michigan have passed laws to allow citizens to carry certain concealed weapons, it seems that the way in which the pharmacist defused the situation does not comply with the company’s training on robbery procedures. No doubt those procedures might look good on paper, but things change when you’re staring into the barrel of a gun. Needless to say either that Hoven acted on instinct, as there was no time to make decisions (the whole incident began and ended in less than 45 seconds). It didn’t mean much either that local police officer Lt. Delman Lange admitted that he wouldn’t have done it differently.

Fortunately Mr Hoven, who has already proven he’s no pushover, filed suit against his former employees for wrongful termination, and according to his lawyer, Benton Township citizens are in their majority supportive of Hoven’s actions.