For a person that is interested in the history of guns in the United States, the chances to own one of the old antique guns is getting slimmer every year. These antiques have proven to be a wise investment and are gaining in value all of the time. Many of the collector guns are now in private collections with little chance of being sold in the near future. For this reason, a person that would like to get their own slice of the American firearm history will need to act soon to find one of the revolvers for sale at a reasonable price.

Of the old antique guns that are commanding top dollar, the Colt revolvers that were used in the wild west are some of the most popular. There are a wide variety of different models available and even legends of some guns that were produced that no longer have any existing specimens. The Colt guns are famous because of their wide variation. In addition to Colt revolvers for government and personal functions, the company also made hunting rifles and shotguns during this time. Almost all of the models are considered to be collector guns that are highly sought by professionals in the marketplace.

One of the more famous types of revolvers for sale that can still be found are the ones that were used during the Civil War. The 1861 Navy Revolver form of the Colt guns is especially important because of the details that were made to the handle and the barrel flutes. An original model that is in good condition will deliver a high price during gun auctions. There are several other models that are quickly becoming collectors items as their scarcity increases. Models such as the Baby Dragoon and the 1849 pocket revolver can be very expensive if they are equipped with the original ivory grips or other luxury features that were sometimes used to decorate the Colt guns.