Although there has been little change to the design of revolvers, sometimes a model comes along that adds fine details and near perfection to the classic layout. One model that has appeared in recent times that has garnered many rave reviews is the Colt Anaconda. This revolver features double action with six chambers. The Colt’s Manufacturing Company began offering the Colt Anaconda model in 1990 and it has since become a favorite among pistol experts. It is largely related to the Colt Python and Kodiak guns.

The Colt Anaconda represents a departure for the manufacturing company and is the first revolver that they have created that fits with the current popularity of the large bore Magnum market. This model of Colt guns was made to be in direct competition with the popular Smith and Wesson Model 29 as well as the Redhawk and Blackhawk offerings from Ruger and Company. The finish on the revolver is made in stainless steel and provides an attractive appearance to the piece. Despite early accuracy problems with the first models, improvements were made that brought the gun in line with its competitors.

A person that would like to see a Colt Anaconda and other Colt revolvers for sale may wish to attend a gun show in their local area. These conferences will often feature many different Colt models that can be perused. In addition, many of the guns that are sold at a gun show are previously used, meaning that a person can find considerable savings off of the normal retail price. Listings for a local gun show can be found from online information databases that have a full directory of gun related events across the country. Another way to find Colt revolvers for sale is to look at Internet classified listings and newspaper ads.