Although it was not originally produced by the Colt’s Manufacturing Company, the M16 rifle has become a symbol of the brand. The Colt M16 is known by a few different names. The original name for the gun was the AR25 rifle, but the M16 rifle name is used by the military when speaking about the gun. The use of the gun is strictly military and a home consumer will not find an M16 for sale from local outlets or online. The Colt company purchased the production rights for the assault rifles from the ArmaLite company and it has since become the standard issue weapon for the United States Army.

The first use of the M16 rifle in a combat situation was with the Vietnam conflict in 1963. In six years of use during the war, the AR25 rifle displaced the M14 assault rifles that were the previous standard. In addition to the military of the United States, the M16 rifle has become the choice for many other countries. Some countries directly purchase the Colt M16 and others have created their own version that is clearly inspired by the design of the more famous model. There are a number of official versions that have been created to address the needs of different types of military units. One example is the M16A4 that was made especially for the Marines for use during Operation Iraqi Freedom. It included such options as a night vision scope, sights, laser accuracy, and a removable handle.

In the future, the M16 rifles will fall out of use with the American military. Already, plans have been made to replace the assault rifles with the M4 carbine, which will also be produced by the Colt’s Manufacturing Company. It is thought that a full switch will be implemented by the year 2014. However, during the time of its tenure, the M16 has made quite a splash and copycat versions will continue to be made for many years.