Most people who are familiar with firearms will also know several models of Colt Guns. The famous Peacemaker, Colt 45, and other Colt revolvers have a had a large place in American history, both in the actual reality and in the films that were made about the wild west and the Civil War. While much of the gun lore is common knowledge, there are few people that understand the role that Samuel Colt played in the creation of the Colt’s Manufacturing Company and in influencing the direction of modern gunsmithing in the United States. His inventions were so great that he was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

At the age of 18, Samuel Colt had already designed two pistol models. With money secured from his father, the younger Colt went to Europe to try and drum up support for his models. He was issued a patent in England, Without much success, Colt returned to the United States and set up a factory to produce his first Colt guns. With most guns being made by hand at the time, Samuel Colt changed the industry by applying an assembly line approach to the manufacture of the firearms. This single achievement, which was done with the help of Eli Whitney, changed the face of Colt revolvers and the entire industry in a fell swoop.

The American inventor went on to create countless models and variations of Colt guns. Many of these have made it into popular culture and some of the Colt revolvers, like the Bluntline Special, were popular through literary works even though they never actually existed in the real world. The Colt name has become synonymous with quality and the level of gunsmithing still bears the tradition of fine craftsmanship and skill that was developed by Samuel Colt.