Even though most of his life occurred over a century ago, the gun models that were created by John Browning are still used by gun manufacturers to this day. His alterations of existing guns included advancements that have still not been improved and most experts in the gun industry consider his inventions to be the motivating force of gun technology for the past 100 years.

John Browning was born in 1855 around the same time that Colt revolvers made their debut on the national market. Learning from his father, who was also a gun designer, the younger Browning absorbed information at a rapid pace and at the tender age of 13 constructed his first gun in his father’s workshop. At the age of 24, Browning applied for and received the first of 128 gun patents that he would get over the course of his life.

Most gun experts credit Browning as being the man responsible for automatic weapons. The invention of an autoloading pistol and a telescoping bolt are creations that exist today in nearly every model of semi-automatic and automatic revolver. In addition, Browning made one of the world’s first machine guns, the Colt-Browning Model 1895 that used gas operation to deliver a large quantity of rounds per second.

The most famous John Browning design to still remain in current gun models is the M1911 pistol. Created to be one a part of the Colt revolvers line, the M1911 pistol has endured little changes over the years and still is one of the top sellers in the Colt catalog. The design has seem many imitations and most gun manufacturers, such as Remington, have gun models that are built on the simplistic idea. The M1911 pistol was used as one of the official weapons of the United States military for an astounding 74 years and some members of the armed forces still carry the firearm.