Many people see gun shows as a place to look at new and used firearms, but there is a lot more to these conferences than just as a market for used guns and accessories. Gun shows are an exploration of the gun culture that is gaining more widespread acceptance in the United States. While there are used guns for sale at these events, a person will also find many other exhibitions that are related to the use of guns, such as hunting practices and discussion forums about responsible gun ownership and the laws that protect gun owners.

In the hunting aspect, several exhibitions at gun shows will have little relevance to the actual guns. Instead, they will focus on hunting techniques and wild game preservation. Some of the booths may even sell preserved meat that was obtained during hunting trips. In addition, accessories may be sold for hunting concerns that can yield better results from a trip. In this manner, a person can gain a full education of the proper procedures for trimming the meat of an animal and preserving it for later use.

As for the used guns, they are often present at the gun shows. However, there are some limitations involved. A person that owns a gun shop was previously not able to sell used guns at the convention because they are only licensed to sell the firearms at a specific address. This changed in 1986 when a law was passed that allowed the owners of a gun shop to sell second hand firearms at the conventions. Studies of gun shows report an average of approximately 60% of the vendors holding licenses to sell used guns. A person that is interested in learning more about the gun culture can visit several websites that focus on gun shows. These websites will have full event listings for upcoming gun shows in various locations of the United States.