The line of Colt guns is one of the oldest in the United States, with a history that goes back to the old west and the year of 1836. The early models that were made were an instant hit in the country and the popularity of the manufacturing company has remained to this day, with many different models of revolvers for sale to the public. With a pair of patents received in 1836, Samuel Colt began producing Colt revolvers under the company name of the Patent Arms Manufacturing Company of Paterson New Jersey. While the first years saw some problems with production, the company overcame the issues and became one of the company’s top producers of firearms.

Much of the improvement of the production process came from an alliance between Samuel Colt and the famed inventor of the cotton gin, Eli Whitney. The two worked together to streamline the production process, resulting in an efficiency that was never before seen in the firearms manufacturing industry. In addition, the level of quality between individual guns was smoothed out and the company amassed a reputation for quality products that helped to increase sales figures further. The Colt Peacemaker came from this time of development and its use in the Mexican American War solidified the brand in the history of American gun makers.

Colt guns have remained constant sellers even though the prevalence of Colt revolvers diminished after the end of the cold war. Still, the biggest problem for Colt guns would come because of a boycott that happened in 1994. The company’s backing of a government program for home gun ownership was not liked by many customers and the increased competition from other firearms manufacturers added further obstacles for the company to hurdle. With advanced Colt revolvers and a return to public approval, the company returned to the top of the sales lists.