The Colt series 80 semi automatic handguns are guns that are used by many of the law enforcement and military professional of America. This series of guns is also one of the most reliable and popular weapons on the market when it comes to the American population as a whole. Many gun companies have built off of the design that this series brings to the table but there are some characteristic that hold true solely with most guns manufactured by Colt. The Colt 1911 from the 80 series typically has superior slide action and very few tool marks to speak of on the pistol itself. In addition to this when sliding the gun on its frame it should have a distinct feel of snugness. This is an important distinction in Colt guns as many manufacturers are obsessed with making guns that have a tight slide to frame. This is also an important aspect in terms of the reliability of your firearm. With a tight slide to frame ratio the more you use your gun the more you can wear out your guns various mechanisms.

If you are thinking about buying one of the colt series 80 handguns it is important that you protect yourself by always being safe with your firearm. Before you purchase any handgun you should take the time to familiarize yourself with how it operates and the mechanical aspects of the handgun. In addition to this you should always ensure that you keep your handgun in a safe place away from children’s reach. This is a big responsibility in terms of owning a gun and it is necessary that you get in the practice of always locking your gun up after use. When using your firearm it is also important that you always point your gun in a safe direction. This is especially important when unloading or loading your gun.