When a person buys a gun, there is a certain body of knowledge that will need to be learned to extend the life of the firearm and familiarize the owner with the way that the gun works. One of the tasks that needs to be done on a regular basis is cleaning a gun to keep it in full working order. While taking apart the gun is easy, some owners may have problems when it comes time to do the gun assembly. In the case of the Colt Series 80 pistol, the gun assembly is relatively simple as the design of the gun is intuitive and a person will quickly learn how all of the gun parts go together.

After a person has finished cleaning a gun from top to bottom, all of the gun parts should be laid out in a visible space. The main pieces of a Colt Series 80 are the lower receiver, the barrel and bushing, the recoil spring parts, the slide stop, and the magazine. The first step in the gun assembly is to put the recoil spring on top of the spring guide. The barrel bushing will then need to be fitted at the barrel’s end. Before the barrel bushing is rotated, the slide will need to be used to align the barrel.

The next step in the gun assembly is to attach the recoil spring back to the barrel and then rotate the slide. This should leave the slide in a perfect line with the lower receiver and it can be attached at this point. The slide stop can then be placed through the hole at the barrel ring with the tab aligned. This will put the slide stop into the correct position. At this point, the gun assembly is nearly finished and the person will only need to put the spring plug past the barrel bushing and turn it to keep the plug in position. The magazine of the Colt Series 80 can then be added to complete the process.