The history of the M1911 Colt pistol is the history of the United States warfare involvement. The 1911 Colt Series pistol was created in the 1890’s as a result of the American initiative to develop the perfect handgun that can be used by law enforcement agencies. The creators wanted the pistol to be semi-automatic, meaning that it can self load.

The first model of the M1911 was created after Hiram Maxim’s design of the first self-loading pistol in the 1880’s. Since then, the principle of self-loading became a must have for all the firearms, including machine guns, which Maxim focused on later in his career. In 1903, the US Army was testing the first M1911 pistols. Later on, this model will be used for the first time in a war when the Army discovered that the old Colt M1892 revolver was not suitable for guerrilla fighting during the Philippine War. Because the M1911 was semi-automatic and it could automatically charge itself, meaning that there was no stopping in terms of power shooting, the American Army found it more adaptable for jungle warfare. Specialists then decided that is should have a 45 ACP or Automatic Colt Pistol cartridge.

The 1911 Colt pistol was officially adopted by the Army in March 1911. This official date answers the question about the origins of the pistol’s name. The Navy and Marine Corps adopted it in 1913.

At first, it was manufactured only by Colt factories, but the huge demand for the weapon during the First World War forced the Colt Company to expand its manufacturing operations to the government-owned Springfield Armory. During the Second World War, the demand was even higher. Almost 2 million Colt handguns were produced during the war. The 1911 Pistol was the favorite of all US military personnel. Today, it’s the favorite of all law enforcement agencies.